Do Cyborgs Dream of Electric Guitars?

by Cyberscape

Released 2002
Too Much Coffee Records
Released 2002
Too Much Coffee Records
Experience the newest music genre: "Rocktronic"- A fresh, original blend of melodic electric rock guitar and electronic music.
Reality escape reality escape reality escape reality...
Take a journey into the invisible realm of SOUND IN TIME, of rhythm and dance, of mystery and joy... the magical realm of Music. CYBERSCAPE is the creation of Musician-Composer R.G. Tobey- Guitarist, Keyboard Artist, and Percussionist. Musical styles include melodic rock, electronic, "rocktronic" trance, dance, and techno, dreamy new age, sci-fi, and "smooth rock'n'jazz".

Musical influences
Vangeles, Peter Green, Tangerine Dream, Chemical Brothers, Enya, Pat Metheny, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Cynic Project, 303infinity, Bassic, PPK, Astral Projection.

Music composed, performed, and recorded by R.G. Tobey at PeggySawUs Productions, Hammond, LA. Background vocals and moral support provided lovingly by Cyndy Marie.

electronic keyboards, electric guitar, drums, voice